The Lungs alt-country folk Americana band Yorkshire

The Lungs

Theo & Bonnie first met when they were about 8, becoming friends on family holidays together in the seaside village of Staithes, across the Moors from their hometown of York.

They started jamming with covers until stumbling across Papa was a Rodeo by the Magnetic Fields, with it's deep drawling American vocals that Theo discovered suited his voice to perfection and beautifully contrast Bonnie's soulful style. Taking inspiration from artists like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Neutral Milk Hotel, a sound evolved built from simple chord progressions with heavily lyric based structures interwoven with dark humour.

Julianna Buttermaker came together as a three part concept EP telling the story of a dysfunctional and fatal relationship, with each part set ten years after the other and trying to show a truthfulness to relationships, growing up and desperately trying to hold onto a past which is drifting away.

The pair signed with York's Young Thugs Records earlier this year and were among the first releases on Young Thugs.