South Bank Suicide Club at Young Thugs Records

South Bank Suicide Club

South Bank Suicide Club was pulled kicking and screaming from the womb of the Golden Ball open mic night in York.

Hannah Bungard, James Rotchell and the Washing Machine Repairman, all performing separately or in other projects, came together as a band through hysterical laughter, musical differences and a text message autocorrect.

Prior to the formation of South Bank Suicide Club, James was born in 1920s dustbowl America. Tiring of his surroundings, he promptly time travelled to 2016, shot a duck and joined a band. His favourite food is gravel.

Hannah had a successful career as a lamp, until rising energy prices forced her to look at other career options. After briefly toying with alpaca showjumping, Hannah now works full time on an island in Indonesia, counting turtle eggs before eating them, and phones in all of her musical contributions.

The Washing Machine Repairman was only recently discovered living wild on the Yorkshire moors.

None of them had ever heard of music before that one drink-fuelled open mic night at the Golden Ball. Enthused by this new discovery of sound that wasn't just talking, they began a rambling three month journey of childish delight. Using guitars, keyboard, flute (and whatever else fitted at the time, regardless of whether or not it’s in time), their music covers all points between dark and interesting, and raucous and upbeat.

Their music is a collaborative project that often features other York artists, such as Bonnie Milnes from The Lungs and Tom Beer and Dan Lucas from Bull. Recorded entirely in a cramped and crumbling room known as The Hovel, 'Bingo Hall of the Dead' is their debut album.