A series of uniquely intimate live music sessions featuring some of our favourite acts from the Yorkshire music scene, and hosted at our HQ; The Hovel in York, where you'll also find the Young Thugs recording studios. We cram the band, some cameras from Coffee Films, and as many audience members as possible into a room the size of a typical lounge for an intense music experience; these are The Hovel Sessions...

Snakerattlers - Let You Go - York's Hovel Sessions with Young Thugs Records

Bull - Bonzo Please - Live from Yorkshire's Young Thugs

Washing Machine Repairman - Bankers - Live at Young Thugs Records

Charlie Swainston - Stroke My Feathers - Live at The Hovel York

...And The Hangnails - Don't Waste My Time - Live at the Hovel Sessions Yorkshire

Washing Machine Repairman - Karl - Live at Young Thugs Records York

Young Thugs Records present The Hovel Sessions; teaser