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Three flamboyant disco imps beating electro-pop bangers out of a jolly old clubland organ.


In late 2017, Dave Greenbrown, Hannah Bungard and David Jarman went exploring through the abandoned rooms of a social club in York. After kicking in the door of the old committee room and climbing over boxes of moulding victorian photographs, they found…


Well. They didn’t know what it was. Something that looked like the lovechild of a methodist church organ and a bureau from Tracy Island. They dragged it over to a socket, plugged it in and started pressing buttons. And without anyone realising, Drooligan were having their first band practice.


Since discovering the organ, Dave, Bungard and Jarman have spent thousands of joyful hours mastering the 1984 Kawai X-430 and its racks of built-in synthesisers. Expect three wildly colourful and immature nutcases dancing round an organ, grinning and singing songs about being pushed down the slide, getting lost on the way home from the pub, and a father who can fuck off with any expectations he might have of his daughter’s womb. The resulting manic electro-fairground disco-poetry is Drooligan.


It’s a horrible cliche to say that you’ve never seen anything like this before, which is a shame, because you’ve never seen anything like this before. That’s to say no one else has ever done this before. There may well be good reason for that, but Drooligan are doing it now and they can’t wait for you to come and join in.