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Pat Butcher at the Hovel Sessions in York

An insanely packed Hovel audience bursting out the door took in an intense and sweaty couple of sets from latest hardcore band on the block Pat Butcher (who you'll catch regularly at BGB nights in York) and our own Washing Machine Repairman turning out a specially prepared "techno set" which nearly gave him a coronary.

Than ks to everyone for coming out and having fun, we'll announcing September gigs soon and look out for video of the Hovel nights turning up on social media in the coming weeks, here's a few pics in the meantime...

Washing Machine Repairman at The Hovel in Yorkshire

Kai with Washing Machine Repairman at Young Thugs' Hovel Sessions

Tim Fox of Triangle Triangle Triangle performs with Washing Machine Repairman

Washing Machine Repairman playing a live music gig in York

The audience at Young Thugs Records' Hovel Sessions

Hovel Sessions audience at a Young Thugs Records gig

Dancers at The Hovel Sessions live music series in Yorkshire

Pat Butcher play the Hovel Sessions gig for Young Thugs in York

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